Zirk Botha

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Naval Officer, extreme adventurer, environmentalist, motivational speaker


On 19 December, 2020, Zirk Botha started his solo transatlantic ocean row from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro – a distance of 3800nm or just under 7000km, alone and unsupported. Read about his progress on his row on the blog. Follow Zirk on Facebook and Instagram @zirk_botha


Zirk is a powerful and inspiring public speaker and storyteller. Whether he is sharing his experiences as an extreme adventurer, as an officer in the navy or as a businessman, he offers fascinating insight into what drives people, discipline, teamwork and the rewards of challenging yourself and moving out of your comfort zone. Book Zirk to talk at your next event.


Zirk is passionate about environmental issues confronting our planet. he believes every person has the ability to make a difference and that sustainable development solutions, are key to a sustainable future.

“Meeting a difficult challenge teaches us about courage, tenacity, endurance, self-discipline, but mostly we learn who we are when everything is stripped away, we learn to believe in ourselves and we grow from the experience.”

Zirk Botha

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Zirk Botha

Cape Town, South Africa

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